Insulating your home


An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) tells you how well insulated your home is, and what improvements could be made.    It’s a good place to start because it tells you what action is needed.  EPCs are now required when you sell your home, and are issued by qualified inspectors.

This government website holds all EPCs.  Just enter your postcode, and you can download it.  Even if you haven’t had one done, previous tenants or owners might.  I found one for my house here that I didn’t know about.

How to Better Insulate your Home

Homebuilding magazine has some good guides on improving your insulation, including a cost guide.  Taking the depth of your loft insulation up to 400mm is a good start.

Important:  if you’re upgrading your loft insulation, note that any pipes must be properly lagged as the loft will be colder once you reduce the heat leaking upwards, and pipes could freeze.

Info on Grants for Insulation

We’re pleased to announce that South Dartmoor Community Energy are offering our parish free and impartial energy advice  and  help  accessing  grants.Energy advice team

SDCE is a not-for-profit organisation that provides advice over the phone or at a home visit funded by the LEAP scheme.

Advice offered on insulation, heating systems and controls, energy suppliers, switching tariffs, and grants.  This includes home visits by volunteers from SDCE.

The grant system is complicated and these volunteers can help you. If you are in receipt of benefits or have a household income of below £35k after mortgage/rent/utilities you are probably eligible for energy efficiency grants which could include the cost of new improved insulation.  Also, you could receive up to 10 energy efficient LED bulbs for free.

If you know a friend or neighbour who might qualify, and benefit from living in a warmer house whilst also lowering their carbon footprint, please tell them about this.

Call free on 0800 060 7567 or get in touch via their website

Sophie Phillips from SDCE will hopefully be coming along to a Staverton breakfast market soon.  We’ll let you know when.  You’ll be able to sign up for a home visit there.

You can also obtain a low interest loan for home improvements here.  This is an arrangement operated by a not-for-profit organisation in partnership with the local council.


Please contact Simon on if you know of any other installers to list here.

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