Carbon Footprint

Parish Carbon Footprint

An online data visualisation tool as just been launched which allows any parish in England to look at their own carbon footprint on a territorial as well as a consumption basis, and compare with other parishes, their local authority, or the national average. The tool was developed in partnership between the Centre for Sustainable Energy and Exeter University.

Consumption basis means estimating the carbon emissions caused by our consumption and our activities. The calculations are made using the best available data, which of course contains approximations. But it is nevertheless useful to help us each build a picture of where to focus our efforts.  You can use the compare button to compare our emissions with the wider district or the national average.

You can also switch to view emissions on a territorial basis.  That means emissions that occur within our parish boundaries. Consumption emissions are usually higher due to imports, but for Staverton, our territorial emissions are a lot higher than our consumption emissions. That’s partly because we have a lot of farming which produces food for large numbers of people beyond our parish boundaries. And judging by how big our road emissions are in comparison other parishes, it’s also probably because the A38 runs down the side of our parish.

Personal Carbon Footprint

Calculate your own personalised carbon footprint. There’s a range of websites to help you do this. Here’s one we like best: