We are a community group set up by the parish council following Staverton Parish Council’s declaration of a climate emergency in 2019. We aim to share knowledge and ideas to help protect and restore biodiversity, and to work towards eliminating our carbon emissions.

Meetings are informal with no ongoing commitment. Contact Anna Lunk or Wendy Bloomer for details of the next meeting.

This site is still being developed with Sustainable Staverton pages currently being transferred across from the parish website Please bear with us.

Project Areas

Staverton Parish Council asked us to help the parish reach net zero carbon emissions. Emissions come from four main areas below. We also know that the natural world urgently needs our help, both for its own sake, and for ours in terms of pollination and its ability to safely lock up carbon.

We have sub-groups already focusing on three areas, and would really welcome new people willing to look at what can be done to share information and good practice in food & farming.

What do we do? Much can be achieved through sharing of knowledge and expertise but we also get involved in carrying out projects – e.g. planting wildflower seeds on verges.



Including My Pledge for Nature. Our community coming together, finding ways to reverse the decline in biodiversity, and allow nature to flourish in Staverton.



Home Energy

The path to zero carbon homes






Food & Farming



Local air quality


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